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  • Permanent Makeup

  • Q & A

  • Q:What is Permanent Makeup?

  • A:Permanent Makeup is a process whereby completely natural pigments are implanted beneath the epidermis into the dermal layer. This technique has been medically developed and specifically designed for a safe permanent application. The pigments used have been specially formulated for cosmetic application. The colors are custom blended keeping in mind the color of your eyes and hair and your skin tone to create a soft, natural apperance.

  • Q:What is the SofTap Hand Method of pigment application?

  • A:SofTap permanent makeup is the easiest and gentlest way to implant permanent color into the skin. The SofTap needle configurations are designed to provide maximum comfort, fast healing, complete control, little or no touchups, and most important of all, the most natural look in the world. Anne Marie uses SofTap for her brow application as it gives her versatility so your end results will be completely soft and natural looking.

  • Q:What is the Nouveau Contour Method of pigment application?

  • A:Applying permanent makeup is a very precise process and generally irreversible. The end result depends to a great extent on the type of equipment used by the permanent makeup specialist. The Nouveau Contour Digital 700 system assures consistent and stable needle frequency, despite resistance of the skin. The digital control unit will maintain the preset needle speed chosen so that the rate of the needle punctures per second remains constant. This permanent makeup machine provides undistorted, accurate and consistent power between the control unit and the hand piece. Our patients can have the assurance that with this revolutionary method they will have the highest safety level with their permanent makeup application. Anne Marie uses the Nouveau Contour method for both eyes and lips.

  • Q:Who Benefits from Permanent Makeup?
  •  A: 
  • •Individuals of all ages who desire a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance.
  •  •It is especially beneficial for sensitive skin or anyone who has allergies to makeup.
  •  •Active individuals who want to look their best for activities such as any water sports, hiking, biking, tennis, or golf, and those who don't want to worry about having to reapply their make-up.
  •  •Permanent makeup is also beneficial for someone who has difficulties with their eyesight and others with motor impairments such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, stroke survivors, and those with unsteady hands.

  • Q:How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

  • A:The length of time Permanent Makeup will last is different for each individual. Factors that affect the length are: sun exposure, colors chosen, skin type, and compliance with the after-care instructions. Permanent Makeup do not wash off or smear. However, as with any tattoo, fading can and does occur. Periodic maintenance such as color re-enhancement is suggested. Permanent Makeup will typically last approximately 1 to 8 years.

  • Q:How long does it take to apply Permanent Makeup?

  • A:Each procedure will take between one and two hours. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled for four to six weeks after the initial application.

  • Q:Is the procedure painful?

  • A:A topical anesthetic is used which makes the procedure far more comfortable than anticipated.

  • Q:I have very thin and sparse eyebrows. Will this procedure look natural?

  • A:Yes. Permanent make-up looks more natural than eyebrow pencils. A hair stroke technique is used to simulate natural brow hairs or a soft fill-in effect can also be used, depending on your preference.

  • Q:Can I wear make-up after the procedure is done?

  • A:We prefer you wear no mascara or eye make-up if you have color applied to your eyes, and no lipstick if your lips are colored. The procedure site needs to heal for about 7 days.

  • Q:What color should I choose?

  • A:There is a right color for everyone. We take into consideration your natural skin color, hair color and eye color. A soft, natural color is always preferred.

  • Q:Will I need to take off from work after the procedure?

  • A:No. There is minimal swelling and redness. Ice can be used to reduce swelling and an antibiotic cream is applied to the area for two days.

  • Q:What about sterilization?

  • A:Only single-use, sterile needles are used. All guidelines are strictly followed in accordance with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

  • Q:Can I have Permanent Makeup applied if I am on medication?

  • A:Yes, unless you are taking steroids or blood thinning medication.