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How exactly does the treatment work?
It’s a really relaxing process. You sit down on a comfy massage table, and I play soothing music. I start with shaping the brows first by plucking, waxing—whatever they need. Then I decide on the shape. Part of deciding on the shape is measuring out the eye and the arch and giving the symmetry back to the face with the brows. Then we decide on the colors. And then the actual placement of each hair is done one by one. They are dipped in a surgical adhesive (it’s normally used to close wounds in surgeries, so it’s very gentle), and the brow is built in a very specific manner. You have to do it in such a way that you build it up and that there’s movement in the hair. So that when the client wears it throughout the weeks and brushes it, it moves like real hair. It takes about an hour and a half. Let’s say I have one client. She doesn’t have one single eyebrow hair. In an hour and a half, I can perfect two full lush gorgeous brows from nothing. And best of all, there’s absolutely zero pain.

How long do the extensions last?
It really depends on how the client wears it. Most women are so ecstatic that they’re really gentle with it so it lasts a couple of weeks. It can last up to three weeks, but typically you want to come in for a fill every two weeks to keep it really fresh and clean. The good thing about the extensions is that even when they do shed, it's not obvious. Your brows just get thinner and thinner, back to where they originally were so no one would really comment on them.

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Is that the only way to remove them?
I’ve done editorials where the brows are really bushy and over-the-top and there was a removal process. The client or the model would lie down, and I just apply an oil-based remover that's perfect for sensitive skin. It slides the adhesion right off in a matter of minutes. So if a client does decide they want to take them off, it's a very simple process. [However] it’s not something for home care yet.

Do your clients come back every two weeks for a touchup?
I would say half of my clients are getting the extensions every two weeks, and they are fanatic about it. I have clients who book their appointments two months in advance because I’m so busy. Then I have clients who can’t afford to do it on a regular basis like that or they just don't have time, so they do it for a special event—bridal, editorial, a photo shoot for work.

Do you find that people come to you specifically for eyebrow extensions?


  How long do they last? Brow Perfect eyebrow extensions can last up to 14 days. Because your skin naturally secretes oils, the extensions will last longer when they are adhered to hair rather than the skin.
  Can you adhere the eyebrow extensions to the skin? Yes. The Brow Perfect kit comes with two different types of adhesives – one for the application onto the skin and one for the application onto the hair.
  How long does the treatment take? The duration of the treatment depends on what needs to be done and can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. As a guideline, a 10-15 minute treatment would be needed to fill in small gaps or extend the brow line at the edges. A 45 minute treatment would be needed to recreate a whole new eyebrow where the hairs are not currently growing or extremely sparse.
  How much do you charge for the treatment? We recommend pricing the Brow Perfect treatment according to the time it takes to perform the treatment. Therefore, a 10-15 minute treatment would cost approximately £10-£20 and a 30-45 minute treatment would cost approximately £30-£40.
  Do you need to patch test? It is recommended that a skin sensitivity test is carried out for the adhesive 24-48 hours before the initial treatment

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